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Upcoming Changes

Hi there, if you’ve been hanging out here on ClubKnit, I just wanted to update you on some upcoming changes. I’ve been attempting to maintain two websites ( and for the past several years. It has been a challenge and one I’m ready and willing to give up now that I’ve found membership/course software that will do what I need it to just using the website. Yay!!!!

I’ll post here when its updated and ready to go, but just wanted to give you a heads up that I’m still here and still working on it and soon we’ll have bigger, better, more fun, and more interactivity available without remembering dozens of URLs or passwords.

Thanks for hanging in there! Lea-Ann

November 2017 News: backzip baby jacket, website design, family

Three Things for November, Thanksgiving 2017

  1. Website Design
  2. Back Zip baby jacket for an online colleague
  3. time with family

Website Design

One day while enroute to Great Lakes for a coffee, I just had this vision of what I want to look like. I had to pull off the road, and into a turnout at Cree Lake, to get it all on paper. This happens to me occasionally. Bam! Its like the clarity is just crystal clear and I have to get it out. The last time was when I envisioned the “studio” at Knitting Today as being a location and resource for those who want to teach classes of a sort (sewing, bible study, financial, knitting, etc.) and have no facilities to do so. While that hasn’t happened yet, I’m not ruling it out. But this vision, the website . . . . I really hope I can bring it to fruition because I think it’ll be a great resource for anyone who wants to talk Knitting. I’ll post here as I get things updated and figured out.

Back Zip Baby Jacket

I have an online colleague who is pregnant. She thought she would never have a baby as she had previously undergone cancer treatments. I’m soooo excited for her and her husband and their baby-to-come. I don’t do a whole lot of knitting for anyone except for myself and occasionally family, so this is a special event. Even my own grandkids had their sweaters knit by Lyn. I dug out the old standby Plymouth’s Back Zip Baby Jacket, saw that the gauge matches Stonehedge Shepherd’s Superwash DK and voila . . . I’m really enjoying taking time every day to work on it. I’m going to make a pair of Christine’s baby booties to go along with it. Do you have some old favorite standby projects for baby knitting? I’m really fascinated at how this hood came about and am going to try and interpret it to a machine project. And, I’m loving the Superwash DK and have ordered in all the colors. I’ll be updating the website as soon as possible so you can all experience it as well.


Things have changed a bit in our family. Tom now works 12 hour days. I NEVER see him anymore. It has forced me to focus all of my energy on a few things to support him including cooking and laundry. I have always said I’m not the maid, cook, or housekeeper. But, I have become all of that because that’s what we need to do in our family right now. That being said, I’m still headed over to the Studio on an “as-needed” basis so I can work on YouTube videos and try and get the “live” functions working. I want to work on the ClubKnit projects, but my energy level is just very low right now. Do you know what would help me? Knowing what you all want to see and need help with. I’m so people-oriented, I just need a kick in the pants to know that what I’m doing is going to help someone. Let me know what you need, okay?

I’m going to wrap up this November letter by saying a big “thank you” to all of you for being a part of my knitting life. Without you, Knitting Today would not be here, and I would have to find a J.O.B. for my people fix . . . enjoy your family, work on your projects, and I’ll talk with you all again when I have more to report.

— Lea-Ann

P.S. I just had to repair a $400 part in the Studio furnace that was not budgeted for. If you are so inclined, you can help me with business expenses by either purchasing a project at or buying the beta-subscriber membership level. I appreciate you! Also, if you come to Knit28, please enjoy the warm heat and think about throwing a couple of bucks in the pot to keep the heat on. Thanks!

behind the scenes software updates

Hi everyone, can you buzz around the site and make sure everything works? Send me an email at if there are any broken links or problems you find.

Don’t forget to request access to the facebook group ClubKnit Connect. 

Head over to the Forums (Discourse) and see if you can read and reply to the messages. This one especially concerns me because I had to go way deep into the back end of the software and install the whole program. Sweating bullets.

And, can you see this video of the unboxing? I want to start doing private live feeds from YouTube so this is one of my tests.

Working on: Fisher Lassie class page, Classes in store for November and December, Essential Oil (DoTerra) make and take classes), and sewing the zipper in on Stormy Weather.

— Lea-Ann

P.S. Upcoming Meetup Knit28, October 28, 2-8pm at the Studio (Knitting Today, 8040 E 500 S, Wolcottville, IN 46795).



Join ClubKnit Connect on Facebook

Hi everyone, do you use Facebook? Now you can talk to other knitters from our group there. Just click
ClubKnit Connect and request to be added.

Inside ClubKnit Connect:

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This is in addition to the Forums so don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t on Facebook.

See you there???





Going live!

I found out something about myself….I don’t work well solo. I need interaction, and feedback and questions. Enter live video!

On Tuesday, September 5, at 1pm est, I’ll be going live in a secret Facebook group just for you all. I’ll be machine knitting on the lk150 and the project is a hat for the course called Get It Out Of The Box. Would you like to watch me knit? We’ll have a live q&a before and after the knitting session.

The live Facebook broadcast takes place at clubKnit Connections group here. Can you request to join??


Friday, April 7, 2017, Update

Is it spring?

Thanks to stock photos, I can pretend that spring has sprung here in Northeastern Indiana. In reality, it is cold and rainy and grey. But this weekend is supposed to be looking up. I’m thinking about gardening and what I’ll plant in our pots. What about you? What is your favorite spring activity?

Update Schedule

I’m stuck, I’m not sure how often to post updates here in ClubKnit on the ongoing projects. knitting as well as website work. I’ll shoot for every Friday right now. And, when its time to enroll in a course, I’ll send an email as well. If you have any feedback on what works for you, feel free to comment.

Project Updates:

LK150 class — working on a four project outline. Launch Goal is May 1.  Is there something you’d specifically like address? Post in the LK150 Questions Forum.

FIsher Lassie (Hand) — still taking enrollments. Lyn will be doing the project knitting for the videos as she is rolling right along. We met at the coffee shop last week to record a lesson on casting on at the end of the row. I need to edit that lesson and get it uploaded to the course.

Are you interested in knitting this cardigan? I’m going to be putting additional colorways online. Just let me know what you are looking for. Purchase the kit at {Fisher Lassie link}.

Yarn Club — thinking of introducing a Yarn Club for the summer instead of a new knitalong. One Skein? Delivery June, July, and August? Mystery or choose your colors??

Stormy Weather (LK150) — haven’t touched it. I am so close to getting mine done, but I’ve gained weight so lost enthusiasm to finish it. But, if any of you want to knit it, go buy the kit at {stormy weather link}.

ClubKnit 28 — mark your calendar for April 28, 2-8, for a meetup at Knitting Today.  I’ve added an events calendar to the dashboard login. Do you have a meetup you’d like to see added? Comment and I’ll add it.

Website Updates:

ClubKnit — remove the old login dashboard and point all links to the new dashboard.  Welcome series emails outline is in progress. I want to have a series of three emails delivered that shows how the website works for the Basic (Free) members.

Discourse — waiting on programmer to have the ability to add enrollees in the private discussion groups for the classes. In the meantime, did you know there is an app for devices? Download the app for Discourse. Use as the site id. Your login info should be the ClubKnit login. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Courses — how do I put the links to new courses automatically? I’m actually looking at a few other course software options to make this easier for me.


Join the Clubhouse Discussion, Fisher Lassie, Bias Knit Scarf

I know, I know. You guys are patiently waiting for everything to come together. Well, I can say progress is definitely being made. The classroom is being set up, the forums a/k/a the ClubHouse discussion group is functional, the email plans (Connections) are coming together, and the Blog (Lessons) is being renovated. Woohoo!!!

Join in the Discussion at the Clubhouse

The most recent change has been about the new Forums software. It is called Discourse and it is the bomb!! How do you use it? Just comment on this post. You should automagically log in. And have access to any content your purchaser level provides. For example, the free members have access to the free hand and machine forums. And, if you are a project purchaser (ala carte), you can also see the project discussions. Of course, the beta-subscriber purchasers get special treatment, with access to anything and everything.  (Beta-subscriber members info — limited time only $50/annually).

Fisher Lassie Cardigan (hand)


I know I keep announcing it, but my sample yarn is finally here. And, I’ve made my lesson plan list.  23 lessons just on page one!!!! Next up is to figure out how to get the project packs put on so we can take orders! In the meantime, I’m going to start swatching the yarn. See how beautiful it is?? I love the way Stonehedge makes their yarn, pin drafting the fibers so the colors have a lot of depth. My cast on edge on Cassidy has given out, and I’ve lost some buttons, so I’m really looking forward to getting this project done. I can see it easily becoming my favorite wear around jacket.

Bias Knit Scarf (LK150)

Just before Christmas, Tara was here to knit a project for Haley on the LK150. It was a Bias Knit scarf using a long-repeat self-striping sock yarn. It was a really fun project and we live streamed it to a few closed areas on facebook just to get a feel for how the lighting, camera setup and everything was going to work. [we ended up purchasing more equipment]. I’ve decided to put it together as a sample class so everyone can see how the flow of the website will work. Its a very basic technique, yet has about 6 lessons. The featured image for this project shows a quick way to Kitchener Stitch. In fact, I sat at the coffee shop and finished it off on Christmas Eve for her. A lovely, relaxing way to head into a busy holiday weekend.

Basic (free) Registration Coming Soon

coming-soon-flyoutClubKnit Basic — free registration coming soon

The online community for Knitting Today’s customers and other knitting enthusiasts is about ready to open. There are three levels:

Basic — Free registration and access to community Forums, blog posts.

Ala Carte — All of Basic, PLUS specific discussion areas, blog posts and online classes depending on the project.

Subscriber — Annual membership fee that opens up ALL of the ClubKnit site (currently 1/2 price!), specifically technique tutorials, one-on-one help, discounts on supplies for projects, reduced shipping, online technique library.

To be notified when the Basic registration is open, fill out this Form!

[convertkit form=4940334]


A little bit of history . . .


Two years ago, I thought my business was taking the direction of supporting Bond knitting machine owners with an online presence, courses and troubleshooting. instead, Spinrite announced they were ceasing production. After 23 years of working with the Bond machines, it was time to change direction .

That direction change has allowed me to focus on the hand knitters and Lk150 owners. Projects, KALs, classes . . . all with the emphasis on Community. I’m so excited!!

After trials, changes, many starts and stops, I’m happy to report that the new ClubKnit will be opening soon for the Basic (free) registration level.We’ll notify you when registration is open. Just fill out your email in the form below: 

[convertkit form=4940334]



are you a cheerleader?

Join my squad!! I need some rah! Rah! and accountability help. I have a to-do list a mile long. Each day I pick something to work on from “the list.” Your job will be to cheer me along through that daily task. You will be  a second set of ears and eyes to make sure everything works properly and be the tire kicker before I launch. If you are interested in joining me (secret facebook group), let me know in the comments below. Thanks!!

P.S. The squad is open to a limited number and will be a mix of hand and machine knitters (both LK and USM).

Update: Current Three Priorities

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick status update on the current three priorities.

under constructionPriority 1: e-commerce website.

I’m currently working on getting the Knitting Today e-commerce website operational. I can’t make money if I can’t sell anything and that is the vehicle to sell it through. We are selling out existing stock from the storefront in our e-bay stores (bondknitter and icefisherman1). I’m curious, what would you buy online if I offered it? Needles, machines, patterns, yarn, clubs, knitalongs? Be specific!!!

Priority Two: Education and Inspiration.

Finish some existing projects and start a new one.

  • I am so close to finishing the Stormy Weather Tunic turned Cardigan that I can taste it! Of course I’m not going to wear it in 92 degree heat, but I want it ready for cool nights on the pontoon.
  • Marseille Tee, going to LK150 this one. Just need to get started on the gauge swatch. I’ll blog and periscope while I’m doing it.
  • Fisher Lassie, the next hand knit cardigan. Need to finish the gauge swatch and write the blog post about it.
  • Reyna, a handknit scarf saved for community knitting.

Priority 3: Education and Community.

Get some online classes loaded and discussion going in the forums. I have formatting and design issues to work through. But the two classes I have on my list is: Get It Out of the Box (LK150) and Cables (USM and LK150). I have a multitude of hand knitting ideas floating around, but I don’t think of those as classes, rather instruction during the Knitalongs.

Thank you

Thank you, each of you, for hanging in here with me while I get everything operational. Comment below and let me know what you are working on now!

P.S. you have to be a member and log-in to comment.