Month: August 2016

are you a cheerleader?

Join my squad!! I need some rah! Rah! and accountability help. I have a to-do list a mile long. Each day I pick something to work on from “the list.” Your job will be to cheer me along through that daily task. You will be  a second set of ears and eyes to make sure everything works properly and be the tire kicker before I launch. If you are interested in joining me (secret facebook group), let me know in the comments below. Thanks!!

P.S. The squad is open to a limited number and will be a mix of hand and machine knitters (both LK and USM).

Not forgotten, moving forward

Hi everyone, just want to give you all a heads up on current status . . . you are NOT forgotten.

Priority One: E-commerce update –> close storefront

In my last post I said I needed to get the e-commerce for back operational. Well, it is working, now I have to get products loaded and get ready to sell some things.  One of the reasons this had to happen was our old website was SOOOO out of date that I was issuing more refunds than sales. And, when I took down the website, it made having the storefront unnecessary. So, Saturday we had a final sale day and anything left is boxed up and waiting for Tom to list on E-bay. Now I can focus on listing the items for upcoming knitalongs and projects on the website. I had to purchase some software that will link any purchases made from the website to the clubknit website (and learn how to install and configure it — ugh!). Visit

Priority Two: Education and Inspiration

I listed four projects in the last blog post. No progress has been made on them AT all. In fact, I didn’t even have them on my calendar to work on. How sad is that. I’ll remedy that this week. My office at home now has the LK150 and all of my knitting needles and supplies in residence. I’m ready to knit, when I’m not distracted by the view!!


The inspiration and education projects i am working on are:

  1. Stormy Weather Tunic turned cardigan (for lk150)
  2. Fisher Lassie (handknit)
  3. Luxury Yarn Club (as club members you will get a discount)
  4. Get It Out of the Box class (for lk150)
  5. Cables class (replaces KT Newsletter — for LK150)
  6. A surprise freebie project of my own design (LK150 or Hand)

Priority Three: Education and Community

I decided I want to move this to priority one!! Community is so important to me. My creativity and enthusiasm is fed by everyone talking with each other, asking questions, and sharing. In order to do that, I have to do some things to make it easier and more intuitive to use the forum software area of the site. Look for that coming up.

Back to work . . . . comment below and give me input, cheer me on, take over, whatever . . . I just want to know you are here!!