Month: September 2016

today’s work . . . some success and some failure

The Failure

So, today I’m working on getting the “after login” page useable. I want everyone to be able to see the courses they are enrolled in and be able to access the latest blog posts and forum posts. Was it a success? Well, no. I’m waiting for support to answer an email and tell me what shortcode to use for the page. Its not going well ūüôĀ . . . .

so I decided I’d work on blocking Stormy Weather. I just need to get it wet and lay it out to dry sort of stretching the lower part of the sleeve to accommodate my fat forearms. When I pulled it out of the bin, I noticed strings hanging from the hood and sleeve. Duh! I forgot I’d taken one of the sleeves apart to fix the cuff bind-off. Sigh!

stormy weather ends

I go on the hunt for my Chibis. What a mess my office is after bringing home things from the store. Nothing has a permanent home yet and I can’t lay my hands on what I want. I’m so frustrated. I spent an hour looking around in baskets, bags, and even a suitcase. Hah! Look what is in plain site on my desk!


The Success

Ugh! I’m closing up the office. Done for the day. Going to get outside for a short drive and refresh my head. I wish I had $3000 to just hire someone to make this all work so we could get busy with the task of Knitting. ¬†If you’d like to help fund this, just purchase the beta-Subscriber package.¬†

Tomorrow’s a new day!


Blog Post Planning

Hi knitting friends,

Knitting Time

Well, it’s that time of year to start the fall knitting. I am desperately trying to keep my project list at under 6 projects (two knitalongs, two classes, a club, and an original design). Yikes! ¬†If you are thinking about joining in my knitalongs, the handknit one is Fisher Lassie and the machine knit project is Stormy Weather. Save your $$ to get the yarn mid-September. I’ll be announcing signups via the newsletter soon.

Website Updates

I’m still working on getting the e-commerce store functionality. Also working on the forums within clubKnit making it operational. Already done is streamlining the registration and purchasing process for beta-subscribers. Now to work on the free membership levels.

Seeking Cheerleaders

lea-annI’m making progress, but would value more input and accountability. If you are interested in joining our Secret Cheerleading group on facebook, just send me a private message on facebook. Note, you can text my business line (260-351-2260) now as I’ve gone mobile with the telephone. Now, if you call me I may be at my mothers in Florida, my mother-in-laws in Michigan [currently!!], my children’s in Indiana, or wherever else I decide to land now that my business is primarily virtual.

Friday Coffee Club

Even thought I’m running a virtual business, in person meet-ups are sooooo very important to me and I am very much an extrovert (ENFP on the Briggs-Meyers personality scale). Please plan on joining a meet-up around¬†2-4 on Fridays at Great Lakes Coffee in Kendallville. I can’t say I’ll always be there, but I will try to be.

Fixture, Furniture and Stuff closeout

We’re in the process of cleaning out the storefront as we have a few people interested in either leasing or buying it. Here’s the link to pictures of what we have left. ¬†Note that all of the knitting supplies left have been brought to our home office and are currently being listed on ebay. We have two ebay stores:¬†bondknitter¬†and icefisherman1¬†(although Tom’s tends to be garage sale finds with some knitting thrown in).

I think that’s this week’s news. Stay tuned . . . .

P.S. editing to add that I am trying to set up a blog posting schedule for the members here, free and paid. I’m thinking a couple times a week, perhaps a technical post containing a technique (hand or machine), a www inspirational-type store, and a project update. Can you give me ideas on what you would like to read posted here?