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Now Open to New Basic (Free) Members

I’ve found a way to get everyone moved from point a through point d in the software for ClubKnit so I’ve opened up membership to new Basic (free) members. Now, you all are members already, but expect to start receiving more emails from me based on what you are members too.  And remember that you can now easily participate in the forums (discussion) by clicking on the comments for any blog. Join in!!!!

Do you want to read the Clear the Clutter post I just wrote over at

Or, do you want to refer a friend and have them join clubKnit Basic? 

How about participate in the next cardigan KAL for hand knitters — FIsher Lassie?

Or join in the ongoing KAL for LK150 knitters — Stormy Weather?

How about getting more info about the upcoming meetup in Wolcottville at our previous store location? Stay tuned for details — Knit28!!!

Is a cardigan/tunic/sweater not to your liking this time around? Stay tuned, we have some smaller-type projects in the works for the upcoming months.

are you a cheerleader?

Join my squad!! I need some rah! Rah! and accountability help. I have a to-do list a mile long. Each day I pick something to work on from “the list.” Your job will be to cheer me along through that daily task. You will be  a second set of ears and eyes to make sure everything works properly and be the tire kicker before I launch. If you are interested in joining me (secret facebook group), let me know in the comments below. Thanks!!

P.S. The squad is open to a limited number and will be a mix of hand and machine knitters (both LK and USM).

Back and working

Hi everyone, I had to take a little hiatus from clubKnit and think about the structure, layout and purpose of my business, Knitting Today, and how clubKnit fits in. I’m debating about whether my business is too broad trying to teach hand and lk or USM knitters. Strictly hand knitters vote yes, hand only. But my roots have always been getting hand knitted things done on the machine that are possible so I can focus on the hand that is not possible.  I’m sticking with my purpose of teaching both. It’s does create a level of dimension to the website though as I’m building it so I can be sure it’s navigable by both hand and machine knitters. So, there we go.

In the past week, the website for has been relocated in order to save me money. So, for the immediate future, I need to work on setting it back up and getting information on there that is now missing. I have to find other ways to cut out overhead because I want my business to be about the education, not the revenue.

I’m also working on a sweater project I’d like to host as a KAL here in clubKnit. While I’m doing that, I’m shipping out the first mystery yarn club delivery from Zombie Yarns. And, I’m thinking of what our July project will be as well as making plans for attending TNNA which is in D.C. next month and for Launch Out in St Louis in July. Both of those events inspire me and educate me. But my dream is to make it back to Meg Swansen’s oft-timers knitting camp once again. That’s where the knitting minds really gather.

And, I’m thinking about all those UFOs in my cubes and whether I want to do then our gift them to someone else (the magic art if tidying up, anyone?). I just blogged about that at

I’m also working on being a healthy me…stretching with a tv show called sit and be fit, walking with my fitbit (trying to reach 5000 steps a day), eating regular meals, and drinking more water daily.

My days are packed!! And it’s not with knitting time. What are you building, dreaming, our knitting?

Harken back to 2002 or 2003

Today is Throwback Thursday, so I dug through the archives to find some pictures for inspiration. It made me kind of sad looking at the store all full of products and displays, but that’s a story for another time. Today, let’s harken back to the days of my son, Trent, hanging out at the store with me when he’s supposed to be doing his homeschooling and instead is knitting….procrastination at its finest because he knew I would let him get away with it.


Trent, set up to make his own afghan on the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine.


Looks like we had a gathering coming up since there were some other machines, chairs and tables. He’s coming along nicely.


Such a hard worker. Don’t get too cocky though, Trent!


See! I told you. With the Bond machines, you have to be careful that the yarn doesn’t come out of the carriage or wrap around the bottom of the green plates that hold the knitting pushed back. Frankly, it’s one of the reasons I prefer knitting on the lk-150 now. Do you have a Bond Incredible Sweater Machine or Ultimate Sweater Machine? Have you added other machines to your “collection?”