Upcoming Changes

Hi there, if you’ve been hanging out here on ClubKnit, I just wanted to update you on some upcoming changes. I’ve been attempting to maintain two websites (knittingtoday.com and clubknit.knittingtoday.com) for the past several years. It has been a challenge and one I’m ready and willing to give up now that I’ve found membership/course software that will do what I need it to just using the knittingtoday.com website. Yay!!!!

I’ll post here when its updated and ready to go, but just wanted to give you a heads up that I’m still here and still working on it and soon we’ll have bigger, better, more fun, and more interactivity available without remembering dozens of URLs or passwords.

Thanks for hanging in there! Lea-Ann


  1. Yay! One of the changes I wasn’t looking forward to was changing back to the basic wordpress forum plugin, bbpress. It doesn’t have the email functionality this Discourse Forum has. Good news! The forum is already installed at knittingtoday.com . . . . I’m going to set up the links on the website so we can access it without going through the membership portal. Follow along with me???

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