Upcoming Changes

Hi there, if you’ve been hanging out here on ClubKnit, I just wanted to update you on some upcoming changes. I’ve been attempting to maintain two websites ( and for the past several years. It has been a challenge and one I’m ready and willing to give up now that I’ve found membership/course software that will do what I need it to just using the website. Yay!!!!

I’ll post here when its updated and ready to go, but just wanted to give you a heads up that I’m still here and still working on it and soon we’ll have bigger, better, more fun, and more interactivity available without remembering dozens of URLs or passwords.

Thanks for hanging in there! Lea-Ann

Fisher Lassie Lesson Plans

Fisher Lassie Pattern

When I first bought the Fisher Lassie pattern I was only intending to knit it for myself as my new winter coat. But as I read through it, it quickly became apparent there was a series of hand knitting lessons I could share with others. Thus I started the lesson plan list:

Construction discussion
changing size
long tail cast on
reading chart
remembering M1L/M1R
right twist demo
reading the pattern/preview
inc 1 st frm edge why
how to work new sts into pattern
cast on sts for right front button band
how to cast on at end of row
what does work in pattern mean
what is 1-row 4-st buttonhole?
fit check: row gauge off? changing length, need to adjust buttonhole placement; adjust sleeve shaping too.
transfer to scrap yarn
measure off ?
p/u & knit @ shoulder off cast on edge (ie reason for long tail)
joining sections in right order
cast on @ underarm
tricks for counting sts
*mathing* sleeve construction; p/u ratio based on st/row gauge
p/u along edge; p/u underarms (and avoid hole)
magic loop
collar: p/u along edge; in back nec; along edge
BO loosely
slip stitch?
weaving in ends
sewing on buttons

Delivery Medium

And, now, the issue is how to convert that lesson plan list into something useable that everyone who is knitting the project can access. Blog posts? Videos? WP Courseware? All of the above? I’m going to give the brand new updated WP Courseware a go. I’ll post as I proceed.

Buying the Project

No, its not too late to buy into the project. Just go to the Knitting Today Store and choose your color and size. Also, if you want a different Superwash color, we can special order that. Just let me know. Link: Buy Fisher Lassie Kit.

— Let’s Get Knitting!!

November 2017 News: backzip baby jacket, website design, family

Three Things for November, Thanksgiving 2017

  1. Website Design
  2. Back Zip baby jacket for an online colleague
  3. time with family

Website Design

One day while enroute to Great Lakes for a coffee, I just had this vision of what I want to look like. I had to pull off the road, and into a turnout at Cree Lake, to get it all on paper. This happens to me occasionally. Bam! Its like the clarity is just crystal clear and I have to get it out. The last time was when I envisioned the “studio” at Knitting Today as being a location and resource for those who want to teach classes of a sort (sewing, bible study, financial, knitting, etc.) and have no facilities to do so. While that hasn’t happened yet, I’m not ruling it out. But this vision, the website . . . . I really hope I can bring it to fruition because I think it’ll be a great resource for anyone who wants to talk Knitting. I’ll post here as I get things updated and figured out.

Back Zip Baby Jacket

I have an online colleague who is pregnant. She thought she would never have a baby as she had previously undergone cancer treatments. I’m soooo excited for her and her husband and their baby-to-come. I don’t do a whole lot of knitting for anyone except for myself and occasionally family, so this is a special event. Even my own grandkids had their sweaters knit by Lyn. I dug out the old standby Plymouth’s Back Zip Baby Jacket, saw that the gauge matches Stonehedge Shepherd’s Superwash DK and voila . . . I’m really enjoying taking time every day to work on it. I’m going to make a pair of Christine’s baby booties to go along with it. Do you have some old favorite standby projects for baby knitting? I’m really fascinated at how this hood came about and am going to try and interpret it to a machine project. And, I’m loving the Superwash DK and have ordered in all the colors. I’ll be updating the website as soon as possible so you can all experience it as well.


Things have changed a bit in our family. Tom now works 12 hour days. I NEVER see him anymore. It has forced me to focus all of my energy on a few things to support him including cooking and laundry. I have always said I’m not the maid, cook, or housekeeper. But, I have become all of that because that’s what we need to do in our family right now. That being said, I’m still headed over to the Studio on an “as-needed” basis so I can work on YouTube videos and try and get the “live” functions working. I want to work on the ClubKnit projects, but my energy level is just very low right now. Do you know what would help me? Knowing what you all want to see and need help with. I’m so people-oriented, I just need a kick in the pants to know that what I’m doing is going to help someone. Let me know what you need, okay?

I’m going to wrap up this November letter by saying a big “thank you” to all of you for being a part of my knitting life. Without you, Knitting Today would not be here, and I would have to find a J.O.B. for my people fix . . . enjoy your family, work on your projects, and I’ll talk with you all again when I have more to report.

— Lea-Ann

P.S. I just had to repair a $400 part in the Studio furnace that was not budgeted for. If you are so inclined, you can help me with business expenses by either purchasing a project at or buying the beta-subscriber membership level. I appreciate you! Also, if you come to Knit28, please enjoy the warm heat and think about throwing a couple of bucks in the pot to keep the heat on. Thanks!

behind the scenes software updates

Hi everyone, can you buzz around the site and make sure everything works? Send me an email at if there are any broken links or problems you find.

Don’t forget to request access to the facebook group ClubKnit Connect. 

Head over to the Forums (Discourse) and see if you can read and reply to the messages. This one especially concerns me because I had to go way deep into the back end of the software and install the whole program. Sweating bullets.

And, can you see this video of the unboxing? I want to start doing private live feeds from YouTube so this is one of my tests.

Working on: Fisher Lassie class page, Classes in store for November and December, Essential Oil (DoTerra) make and take classes), and sewing the zipper in on Stormy Weather.

— Lea-Ann

P.S. Upcoming Meetup Knit28, October 28, 2-8pm at the Studio (Knitting Today, 8040 E 500 S, Wolcottville, IN 46795).



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See you there???





Fisher Lassie Class now available!

It’s time! Fisher Lassie purchase information is now available at

Pattern Details

This handknit pattern written by Bonne Marie from ChicKnits introduces a cardigan version of the gansey sweater often worn by the 19th century fishermen of British coastline communities. While it features distinctive stitch patterning from the era, the pattern incorporates modern styling, fit and techniques.

Yarn Information

Shepherd’s Wool Superwash by Stonehedge Fiber Mill has a crisp, sharp hand that shows off the patterning detail precisely. Worsted spun, 3-ply, machine wash warn, machine dry low heat.

Three color choices, Natural, Granite, and Frosty Blue. Other colors available by special order in quantities of 1000 yards packages.

Class Lesson Plans

There are about 26 lessons to this online class. A brief list of some of the lessons includes:
Getting Started: lessons in winding off yarn, swatching, choosing sizes, reading charts, pattern preview.

Knitting Techniques: remembering M1L/M1R, right twist, increasing 1 stitch from edge, casting on for buttonband, 1-row 4-stitch buttonhole,

Adapting Pattern: adjusting length, *mathing* for sleeve construction.

Automatically enrolled for FREE with purchase of project pack!

June 27, 2016 Status Update: what I’m working on

Hi everyone, I’ve been going through all the options for what ClubKnit could be, weighing this and that, including some things, excluding others . . . . its mind-boggling. I want it to be useful, within the Education, Inspiration, Community, but yet I have to make an income from it too. And, because we aren’t generating income, I have to do all the work myself. What to do, what to do . . . .

. . . . after having a day of knitting and discussions with some of my advisory board, I decided to close down the freebie version right now. That means if you are reading this and you haven’t paid to be a beta-subscriber, you got in under the wire. You’ll get to experience some of the educational things I’m going to post online as if you had paid for them. And, I’m going to test out how to write some content so there is a free part, followed by additional content for those who have paid for it. Do you want to be a paid member?  But, I also closed it down because I have to switch shopping carts so the process of registering and becoming a member isn’t so goll-blamed confusing . . . . [go here to purchase a year membership at half off and help us pay our bills!]

Site Design

In the meantime, I realize the site is still not pretty, so I’m working on learning how to use templates, how to make the typography, colors, and images all pretty. Its a challenge. I’m a technical person, not a designer, to be honest. Taking some classes, doing some research, learning a lot. And pictures! Oi! Instagram and pinterest are not my friend, but I’ll try, seriously, I will. If nothing else, you should see progress over time as I learn and develop new skills.

 Projects Update

Projects can be hand or machine, usually have techniques or something that is unique. That I can learn something from, and teach someone else about. My intention is to produce classes and technique videos, .pdfs, and blog posts built around these projects.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”×150.jpeg” image_alignment=”right” headline=”” alignment=”left”]

  1. Stormy Weather:  A few things to finish up, the button bands, sew in the zipper, sew in all the ends, and block. I want to take this with me on July 22 for a conference. And, I also want to knit a denim one. Mine is ocean shades.  After the knitting is done, I’ll format the videos for an online class, learn how to add the yarn to Knitting Today’s store website, and be ready to help others with their project. If you purchased this project already, can you let me know? I’ll add you to the project page so you can participate (unfortunately, I lost the data as to who ordered when I had to change computers).


[img_text_aside style=”1″ image=”×150.jpg” image_alignment=”left” headline=”” alignment=”right”]

2. Marseille Tee: get started (want to wear to Launch Out conference, July 22). Techniques to discuss: gauge, growth during wearing, changing colors, garter stitch, fitting sleeve hole, neckline shaping, finishing, and gallery pages.


3. Socks: shoot video of sweet tomato heel and get moving so I have something to wear in the fall. (I also want to order more Twizzlefoot, from Mystery Yarn Club 2016, so I can knit a few more pairs).

[img_text_aside style=”1″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”” alignment=”left”]

4. Fisher Lassie Cardigan: my Cassidy from seven years ago is falling apart and its time for a new cardigan. I’m swatching a superwash DK weight yarn and if I like how it handles after washing, i’ll put it online as a project. I want to start taking orders in August with the knitting commencing in September. How long does it take to knit a gansey-style cardigan by hand?


5. Get It Out of the Box: originally intended for the USM, now being rewritten for the LK150. A series of projects and lessons designed to get the new-ish LK150 owner through some basic techniques and how-tos not included in the instructional.

6. Knitting Today News Issue 4, the cable issue: The plans have been written, even the articles, for many, many years. But I have to knit the projects. It was originally planned for the USM, I’m going to do it on the LK150 now.

[img_text_aside style=”1″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”” alignment=”left”]

7. Reyna: started at Club Meetup June 17. I have a bunch of little hints & tips to keep track of where you are as well as some mini-technique videos to share.

So, hand knit count, 3; machine knit count 4. Rate your preferences by order of most interested to least. And, I also promise NOT to cast on or acquire any more projects until I have two knocked off. I really think 6 is about all I can handle. I might add some and be an instigator so you have some more projects, but me? . . . nah . . . I pinky-swear and promise. LOL.

What the heck is an ENFP?

I jumped on the bandwagon and did a free personality test at 16 Personalities. INTERESTING!! Obviously, as with any career change or life change, I’m also doing a lot of self-reflection and analyzing just what makes me tick. I’ve been helping knitters with their knitting since 1993. First in our home, then at the storefront, and now online. But I don’t want to get in over my head either and promise things I can’t do or that just are not in my nature to do (like graphic design??). And, the last thing I want to do is start a membership site and not be excited each and every time someone joins, I find a project to host as a knitalong, or come up with a class to teach. And, I want you, the knitter, to be inspired and want to check out the forums every day [yes, EVERY day!] so you can join in the community and talk about what inspires you. And, that you want to learn something new or different every time you see my blog posts cross your computer. What I have learned about myself recently can be summed up in a couple ways. Tara, my daughter, says I can be described as “one and done.” Don’t expect me to knit two of anything just because. It has to be because I’ll learn something new or try something different. And, I thrive on community and expectations — the more you comment, ask questions, and interact, the more likely I am to get things out there and done. AND, I am really enjoying the spontaneity of Periscoping. Sooooo, sitting in my home office with no personal contact either via computer or in person just will not do. If you bought something from me, please ask a question. Really, that’s what I do best, is figure out how to do things.

Back to it . . . comment away below, pretty please!!! — Lea-Ann

Stormy Weather fronts and Periscope Experiment

Woohoo!  I took advantage of Tom’s being on vacation and we got busy on the Stormy Weather fronts and Periscope Experiment. Sooooo, a stumbling block has been surpassed. Two blocks, actually . . .

  1. Stormy Weather progress is being made, I knit the Stormy Weather fronts after knitting the back in September 2014!
  2. Videotaping has commenced, and we live broadcasted as a periscope experiment. I haven’t watched the replays, but Tom said he stuck his head in there a few times while I was busy. That Guy!

What is Stormy Weather?

Published in Knit ‘N Style February 2014 – #189, the Stormy Weather Tunic Hoodie is designed by Mary Anne Oger. It is knit in Linen Concerto, which has the appearance of being hand-dyed. What makes the design unique is it is knit sideways.  Mary Anne takes special care when designing so the colors match up at the shoulder seam. In other words, when Mary Anne says to do something, there is a reason to do it and don’t ignore her advice like I did. You may want to take a moment and read through Mary Anne’s hints on her blog, Needles To Say. So much good machine knitting info and inspiration there.

My colors don’t match at the shoulder seam. I didn’t care when I started knitting it, but now? Back in September 2014 when I started this project and knit a size too small, I blogged about a group knitting session and I asked the question:  Do you find you have to tear out after group knitting session, hand or machine?

The Yarn — Linen Concerto

[feature_box style=”1″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]

Contents: 48% Rayon, 42% Linen, 10% Cotton / Machine Wash & Dry
Gauge: 5.5 sts = 1″/US 5 needle
Yardage: 101 yards
Weight(s): DK
Put Up: 10 x 50g ball
Collection/Brand: Plymouth Brand Italian Collection


 If you would like to knit this project, please email me directly and we’ll get you set up.

What is Periscope

Periscope is a way to video stream something immediately and it is saved for 24 hours viewing in the app for later. It was so much fun!! The problem I found that I want to use it as a streaming class mechanism and it is a two-man operation. Here’s the Collection for the right front, left front, and shoulder seam [which I’m going to redo, the shoulder seam only, not the knitting]. But I’m debating: mattress stitch by hand or seam on the machine?? I LOVE mattress stitching by hand!!! What would you do?

ClubKnit Update

Finally, I’m moving along on the knitalong pages. And the subscriber dashboards are coming together in my head. We’re going to go ahead and launch a new knitalong, the Mystery Yarn Club, within the next couple of days. Let me just suggest, if you haven’t already, that you join as a Beta-Subscriber. It is only $50 and they will get not only first dibs on the club, but they will get no less than $32.75 value by already being a part of that exclusive Subscriber membership. That’s a huge savings over the course of the year and a couple of projects.

[button_3 text=”join-now.png” align=”center” href=”” new_window=”Y”/]

Back to knitting . . . Lea-Ann

P.S. Don’t forget to reply and let me know what you think about tearing back or not after group knitting sessions!!!

Dancing Stripes, UFO

Unfinished Object (UFO)

Friday’s are supposed to celebrate those finished objects everyone has been working so hard on. But, in reality, I have not taken the time to reach out and ask anyone to share. So instead, I pulled a bag off my shelf and decided to see what has been holding me up on that project. This project, Dancing Stripes, had a program schedule in it for my niece’s 2007 bible quiz bowl meet. Wow! A project that has sat on my shelf for about ten years. Is this my oldest UFO? Hmmm. A topic for another time.


Why the UFO status?

I love the yarn. Fingering weight New England Shetland wool from Harrisville designs.

I love the colors. Signature colors by Vivian Hoxbro. The depth of the shades just call to me. Melon, purple haze, peacock, grass, mustard, and BlackBerry (not pictured). Oh I wish my photography skills could show you the blend of blue and green colors in that peacock or the orange and yellow in mustard.

Harrisville Wool New England Shetland

And, finally, I love the stitch pattern too! Fringes followed alongside short row garter stitch creating a zig zag pattern that is so easy to zen out to.

What I don’t love? The design. Sorry, Vivian, but the way those zig zags point to middle horizontally just makes me cringe. Thus the ufo status.


Dancing Stripes Repurposed

So I’m thinking about different options for what I can do with this project. A felted piece? A bag? Table runner? No….

Take a look at the UFO picture again and compare it to the pattern photo. The fringe is on the side, not the bottom. And the stripes point down, not sideways. And the length of that peice is the length I like for a cardigan. Soooo. What happens if I knit this around the body which puts the fringe off-center in an assymetrical look. Somehow I would have to pick up at the top edge to do a yoke of some sort and make it a vest??

Opinions? Other options or ideas? Follow along with this project on my Ravelry page.

Inspiration, Organization, Meetup


Today, I find myself organizing books, magazines and leaflets while looking for a pattern I’m really sure I have in my pattern stash. You know, that one you have knit so many times but still want to have the piece of paper to follow along just in case?? After working through the organization of a stack of looseleaf patterns, I can say success! I found it. It’s now sitting on the quilt on the chair and I probably had better put it in my knitting bag before my grandson hits my office and says “I color, Grandma?”


And as I go through each bin, and move things around by category or publisher, I’m reminded of projects I’ve either knit, taught, or want to knit. And I get stressed. Does that ever happen to you? The thought of so many things I have yet to accomplish nauseates me. When am i ever going to find a time to sit down and work on these ideas, will I lose them in the shuffle, how will I remember this project in the middle of this book or magazine?

Ahhhh, deep breathe, cup of coffee.



Digital Organizing

Now that I am trying to be more organized in my life (I have no less than five 3-ring binders just of project notes and ideas for ClubKnit), I’ll add my new ideas to my clubKnit Evernote notebook (message me if you want an invite so I can earn points to upgrade to Premium). I love that my notebook goes anywhere I have smart phone or computer access. I take a photo, tag it as “inspiration” and machine or hand, give it a description and record the source and boom, I’m done with that detail and now its off my mind. The next step is to remember to review the notebook when I’m feeling a little stuck for ideas, right?

How do you organize your projects, ideas, and plans??

Meetup Reminder

ClubKnit members, don’t forget to join us for an in-person meet up Friday, February 19 from 2-5 and/or 6-9 and/or Saturday from 10-5. Bring your ClubKnit project, machine or hand, and if you want to do a baby bootie, fingering weight yarn and size 2 set of five double point needles.

I’ll be working on two projects, the Stormy Weather Tunic adapted to a cardigan on the LK-150 and hand knitting Christine’s baby booties for NICU in Fort Wayne.

If you want to know more about ClubKnit, read here. If you aren’t a member, feel free to come and pay $5 at the door. Thanks!!

What are you working on this weekend?