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Fisher Lassie Class now available!

It’s time! Fisher Lassie purchase information is now available at Knittingtoday.com.

Pattern Details

This handknit pattern written by Bonne Marie from ChicKnits introduces a cardigan version of the gansey sweater often worn by the 19th century fishermen of British coastline communities. While it features distinctive stitch patterning from the era, the pattern incorporates modern styling, fit and techniques.

Yarn Information

Shepherd’s Wool Superwash by Stonehedge Fiber Mill has a crisp, sharp hand that shows off the patterning detail precisely. Worsted spun, 3-ply, machine wash warn, machine dry low heat.

Three color choices, Natural, Granite, and Frosty Blue. Other colors available by special order in quantities of 1000 yards packages.

Class Lesson Plans

There are about 26 lessons to this online class. A brief list of some of the lessons includes:
Getting Started: lessons in winding off yarn, swatching, choosing sizes, reading charts, pattern preview.

Knitting Techniques: remembering M1L/M1R, right twist, increasing 1 stitch from edge, casting on for buttonband, 1-row 4-stitch buttonhole,

Adapting Pattern: adjusting length, *mathing* for sleeve construction.

Automatically enrolled for FREE with purchase of project pack!

Join the Clubhouse Discussion, Fisher Lassie, Bias Knit Scarf

I know, I know. You guys are patiently waiting for everything to come together. Well, I can say progress is definitely being made. The classroom is being set up, the forums a/k/a the ClubHouse discussion group is functional, the email plans (Connections) are coming together, and the Blog (Lessons) is being renovated. Woohoo!!!

Join in the Discussion at the Clubhouse

The most recent change has been about the new Forums software. It is called Discourse and it is the bomb!! How do you use it? Just comment on this post. You should automagically log in. And have access to any content your purchaser level provides. For example, the free members have access to the free hand and machine forums. And, if you are a project purchaser (ala carte), you can also see the project discussions. Of course, the beta-subscriber purchasers get special treatment, with access to anything and everything.  (Beta-subscriber members info — limited time only $50/annually).

Fisher Lassie Cardigan (hand)


I know I keep announcing it, but my sample yarn is finally here. And, I’ve made my lesson plan list.  23 lessons just on page one!!!! Next up is to figure out how to get the project packs put on knittingtoday.com so we can take orders! In the meantime, I’m going to start swatching the yarn. See how beautiful it is?? I love the way Stonehedge makes their yarn, pin drafting the fibers so the colors have a lot of depth. My cast on edge on Cassidy has given out, and I’ve lost some buttons, so I’m really looking forward to getting this project done. I can see it easily becoming my favorite wear around jacket.

Bias Knit Scarf (LK150)

Just before Christmas, Tara was here to knit a project for Haley on the LK150. It was a Bias Knit scarf using a long-repeat self-striping sock yarn. It was a really fun project and we live streamed it to a few closed areas on facebook just to get a feel for how the lighting, camera setup and everything was going to work. [we ended up purchasing more equipment]. I’ve decided to put it together as a sample class so everyone can see how the flow of the website will work. Its a very basic technique, yet has about 6 lessons. The featured image for this project shows a quick way to Kitchener Stitch. In fact, I sat at the coffee shop and finished it off on Christmas Eve for her. A lovely, relaxing way to head into a busy holiday weekend.

Myc-2016, shipment 3 — swoon!

Hot on the heels of twizzlefoot from Mountain Colors is the next shipment of color. Feederbrook farm managed to take a combination of bfl and nylon and dye and spin it into awesome lusciousness. 

I have been sitting on this post trying to figure out the fairest way to distribute colors. I’m going to pick a name, reach my hands on the box and pull out a skein and that’s what you get…..If you want to trade, you can do so here in the comments or come to the meet up Friday, July 15, 2-5 or 6-9 or Saturday from 10-4. 

Upcoming projects: Fisher Lassie from superwash dk by Stonehedge, Beld in silky wool, and a winter luxury yarn club.