Month: January 2016

Richard Lee, a very special dad

Today we gathered to honor the memory of my step-father-in-law, Richard Lee. From the get go, he was definitely dad. He loved us unconditionally, he encouraged us in our faith and prayed with and for us. You knew where you stood with dad, because he made sure he told you straight up what he believed and what the Bible said. I know I will see him in Heaven some day. I can see him dancing and shouting praises. As I take a couple days to be with family, I focus on prayer and praise and thank you all so much for being alongside us. I’ll be back to working on schedule as soon as possible. — Lea-Annrichardlee


Harken back to 2002 or 2003

Today is Throwback Thursday, so I dug through the archives to find some pictures for inspiration. It made me kind of sad looking at the store all full of products and displays, but that’s a story for another time. Today, let’s harken back to the days of my son, Trent, hanging out at the store with me when he’s supposed to be doing his homeschooling and instead is knitting….procrastination at its finest because he knew I would let him get away with it.


Trent, set up to make his own afghan on the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine.


Looks like we had a gathering coming up since there were some other machines, chairs and tables. He’s coming along nicely.


Such a hard worker. Don’t get too cocky though, Trent!


See! I told you. With the Bond machines, you have to be careful that the yarn doesn’t come out of the carriage or wrap around the bottom of the green plates that hold the knitting pushed back. Frankly, it’s one of the reasons I prefer knitting on the lk-150 now. Do you have a Bond Incredible Sweater Machine or Ultimate Sweater Machine? Have you added other machines to your “collection?”

Feel Good Delivery, Charity Gift Knitting

Your wishes Delivered

Many of you know my hubby is a UPS man. I’m real proud of him. He’s worked there almost 30 years and its about time for him to retire. He is currently doing my shipping and receiving, so many of you actually get to see his notes on your invoices. Some days, we talk on his bluetooth while he is delivering and I can tell how much he cares for his customers and treats them well. As do they treat him well. That being said, I was really pleased to see UPS highlight something near and dear to my heart, supporting charity gift knitting. Watch . . . .

So what do you think? Did UPS do a good thing delivering this wish?

Charity Gift Knitting

Do you do charity or gift knitting? Tell me a little about it. Do you use a particular pattern and yarn every time? Or is it more eclectic and you knit whatever comes to mind and in whatever yarn presents itself? Do you have a link to the pattern you can share in the comments?

Pattern Ideas

If you would like to tackle some projects for charity knitting, here is a couple patterns to get you started.

  • Basic Drop Stitch Tube Scarf pattern by Mary Anne Oger suitable for Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine or LK-150 knitting.
  • Judi Gibson’s basic ribbed hat pattern for hand knitters, but could be knit flat and seams for machine knitting.

In the future, we’ll have a place for you to upload these projects. But in the meantime, why not register for the Basic (free) version of ClubKnit and upload your pictures in the Community/Forum area??

[wlm_register “Basic (free)”]

Pages, posts, and confusion?

Hi everyone, thank you to those who have registered as beta-subscribers for all access to everything behind the scenes. I have so much I want to share with you. If you are not a beta-subscriber and would like to help us out by contributing your time, experience, and save some money, check out the info page here.

I’m in the process of gathering questions to put in the Library. What do you frequently look up on the internet? What question would you like answered? Put your question in the comments.

I’m setting up a page for the Pathways knitalong project. What I have to figure out is how to not only put the forum for the project on that page, but to have my post containing hints & tips filter automatically onto that page. anyone have experience with that? I’m told by a professional it has to do something with a loop and meta info {ugh} — confusion reigns!!! Once I get this working, anyone who bought the kit project will have a link on their dashboard to easily get to the information. Then, I’ll go back and do the Marseille Tee and Stormy Weather.