Pages, posts, and confusion?

Hi everyone, thank you to those who have registered as beta-subscribers for all access to everything behind the scenes. I have so much I want to share with you. If you are not a beta-subscriber and would like to help us out by contributing your time, experience, and save some money, check out the info page here.

I’m in the process of gathering questions to put in the Library. What do you frequently look up on the internet? What question would you like answered? Put your question in the comments.

I’m setting up a page for the Pathways knitalong project. What I have to figure out is how to not only put the forum for the project on that page, but to have my post containing hints & tips filter automatically onto that page. anyone have experience with that? I’m told by a professional it has to do something with a loop and meta info {ugh} — confusion reigns!!! Once I get this working, anyone who bought the kit project will have a link on their dashboard to easily get to the information. Then, I’ll go back and do the Marseille Tee and Stormy Weather.

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