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Dancing Stripes, UFO

Unfinished Object (UFO)

Friday’s are supposed to celebrate those finished objects everyone has been working so hard on. But, in reality, I have not taken the time to reach out and ask anyone to share. So instead, I pulled a bag off my shelf and decided to see what has been holding me up on that project. This project, Dancing Stripes, had a program schedule in it for my niece’s 2007 bible quiz bowl meet. Wow! A project that has sat on my shelf for about ten years. Is this my oldest UFO? Hmmm. A topic for another time.


Why the UFO status?

I love the yarn. Fingering weight New England Shetland wool from Harrisville designs.

I love the colors. Signature colors by Vivian Hoxbro. The depth of the shades just call to me. Melon, purple haze, peacock, grass, mustard, and BlackBerry (not pictured). Oh I wish my photography skills could show you the blend of blue and green colors in that peacock or the orange and yellow in mustard.

Harrisville Wool New England Shetland

And, finally, I love the stitch pattern too! Fringes followed alongside short row garter stitch creating a zig zag pattern that is so easy to zen out to.

What I don’t love? The design. Sorry, Vivian, but the way those zig zags point to middle horizontally just makes me cringe. Thus the ufo status.


Dancing Stripes Repurposed

So I’m thinking about different options for what I can do with this project. A felted piece? A bag? Table runner? No….

Take a look at the UFO picture again and compare it to the pattern photo. The fringe is on the side, not the bottom. And the stripes point down, not sideways. And the length of that peice is the length I like for a cardigan. Soooo. What happens if I knit this around the body which puts the fringe off-center in an assymetrical look. Somehow I would have to pick up at the top edge to do a yoke of some sort and make it a vest??

Opinions? Other options or ideas? Follow along with this project on my Ravelry page.