Not forgotten, moving forward

Hi everyone, just want to give you all a heads up on current status . . . you are NOT forgotten.

Priority One: E-commerce update –> close storefront

In my last post I said I needed to get the e-commerce for back operational. Well, it is working, now I have to get products loaded and get ready to sell some things.  One of the reasons this had to happen was our old website was SOOOO out of date that I was issuing more refunds than sales. And, when I took down the website, it made having the storefront unnecessary. So, Saturday we had a final sale day and anything left is boxed up and waiting for Tom to list on E-bay. Now I can focus on listing the items for upcoming knitalongs and projects on the website. I had to purchase some software that will link any purchases made from the website to the clubknit website (and learn how to install and configure it — ugh!). Visit

Priority Two: Education and Inspiration

I listed four projects in the last blog post. No progress has been made on them AT all. In fact, I didn’t even have them on my calendar to work on. How sad is that. I’ll remedy that this week. My office at home now has the LK150 and all of my knitting needles and supplies in residence. I’m ready to knit, when I’m not distracted by the view!!


The inspiration and education projects i am working on are:

  1. Stormy Weather Tunic turned cardigan (for lk150)
  2. Fisher Lassie (handknit)
  3. Luxury Yarn Club (as club members you will get a discount)
  4. Get It Out of the Box class (for lk150)
  5. Cables class (replaces KT Newsletter — for LK150)
  6. A surprise freebie project of my own design (LK150 or Hand)

Priority Three: Education and Community

I decided I want to move this to priority one!! Community is so important to me. My creativity and enthusiasm is fed by everyone talking with each other, asking questions, and sharing. In order to do that, I have to do some things to make it easier and more intuitive to use the forum software area of the site. Look for that coming up.

Back to work . . . . comment below and give me input, cheer me on, take over, whatever . . . I just want to know you are here!!





Update: Current Three Priorities

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick status update on the current three priorities.

under constructionPriority 1: e-commerce website.

I’m currently working on getting the Knitting Today e-commerce website operational. I can’t make money if I can’t sell anything and that is the vehicle to sell it through. We are selling out existing stock from the storefront in our e-bay stores (bondknitter and icefisherman1). I’m curious, what would you buy online if I offered it? Needles, machines, patterns, yarn, clubs, knitalongs? Be specific!!!

Priority Two: Education and Inspiration.

Finish some existing projects and start a new one.

  • I am so close to finishing the Stormy Weather Tunic turned Cardigan that I can taste it! Of course I’m not going to wear it in 92 degree heat, but I want it ready for cool nights on the pontoon.
  • Marseille Tee, going to LK150 this one. Just need to get started on the gauge swatch. I’ll blog and periscope while I’m doing it.
  • Fisher Lassie, the next hand knit cardigan. Need to finish the gauge swatch and write the blog post about it.
  • Reyna, a handknit scarf saved for community knitting.

Priority 3: Education and Community.

Get some online classes loaded and discussion going in the forums. I have formatting and design issues to work through. But the two classes I have on my list is: Get It Out of the Box (LK150) and Cables (USM and LK150). I have a multitude of hand knitting ideas floating around, but I don’t think of those as classes, rather instruction during the Knitalongs.

Thank you

Thank you, each of you, for hanging in here with me while I get everything operational. Comment below and let me know what you are working on now!

P.S. you have to be a member and log-in to comment.


Myc-2016, shipment 3 — swoon!

Hot on the heels of twizzlefoot from Mountain Colors is the next shipment of color. Feederbrook farm managed to take a combination of bfl and nylon and dye and spin it into awesome lusciousness. 

I have been sitting on this post trying to figure out the fairest way to distribute colors. I’m going to pick a name, reach my hands on the box and pull out a skein and that’s what you get…..If you want to trade, you can do so here in the comments or come to the meet up Friday, July 15, 2-5 or 6-9 or Saturday from 10-4. 

Upcoming projects: Fisher Lassie from superwash dk by Stonehedge, Beld in silky wool, and a winter luxury yarn club. 

June 27, 2016 Status Update: what I’m working on

Hi everyone, I’ve been going through all the options for what ClubKnit could be, weighing this and that, including some things, excluding others . . . . its mind-boggling. I want it to be useful, within the Education, Inspiration, Community, but yet I have to make an income from it too. And, because we aren’t generating income, I have to do all the work myself. What to do, what to do . . . .

. . . . after having a day of knitting and discussions with some of my advisory board, I decided to close down the freebie version right now. That means if you are reading this and you haven’t paid to be a beta-subscriber, you got in under the wire. You’ll get to experience some of the educational things I’m going to post online as if you had paid for them. And, I’m going to test out how to write some content so there is a free part, followed by additional content for those who have paid for it. Do you want to be a paid member?  But, I also closed it down because I have to switch shopping carts so the process of registering and becoming a member isn’t so goll-blamed confusing . . . . [go here to purchase a year membership at half off and help us pay our bills!]

Site Design

In the meantime, I realize the site is still not pretty, so I’m working on learning how to use templates, how to make the typography, colors, and images all pretty. Its a challenge. I’m a technical person, not a designer, to be honest. Taking some classes, doing some research, learning a lot. And pictures! Oi! Instagram and pinterest are not my friend, but I’ll try, seriously, I will. If nothing else, you should see progress over time as I learn and develop new skills.

 Projects Update

Projects can be hand or machine, usually have techniques or something that is unique. That I can learn something from, and teach someone else about. My intention is to produce classes and technique videos, .pdfs, and blog posts built around these projects.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”×150.jpeg” image_alignment=”right” headline=”” alignment=”left”]

  1. Stormy Weather:  A few things to finish up, the button bands, sew in the zipper, sew in all the ends, and block. I want to take this with me on July 22 for a conference. And, I also want to knit a denim one. Mine is ocean shades.  After the knitting is done, I’ll format the videos for an online class, learn how to add the yarn to Knitting Today’s store website, and be ready to help others with their project. If you purchased this project already, can you let me know? I’ll add you to the project page so you can participate (unfortunately, I lost the data as to who ordered when I had to change computers).


[img_text_aside style=”1″ image=”×150.jpg” image_alignment=”left” headline=”” alignment=”right”]

2. Marseille Tee: get started (want to wear to Launch Out conference, July 22). Techniques to discuss: gauge, growth during wearing, changing colors, garter stitch, fitting sleeve hole, neckline shaping, finishing, and gallery pages.


3. Socks: shoot video of sweet tomato heel and get moving so I have something to wear in the fall. (I also want to order more Twizzlefoot, from Mystery Yarn Club 2016, so I can knit a few more pairs).

[img_text_aside style=”1″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”” alignment=”left”]

4. Fisher Lassie Cardigan: my Cassidy from seven years ago is falling apart and its time for a new cardigan. I’m swatching a superwash DK weight yarn and if I like how it handles after washing, i’ll put it online as a project. I want to start taking orders in August with the knitting commencing in September. How long does it take to knit a gansey-style cardigan by hand?


5. Get It Out of the Box: originally intended for the USM, now being rewritten for the LK150. A series of projects and lessons designed to get the new-ish LK150 owner through some basic techniques and how-tos not included in the instructional.

6. Knitting Today News Issue 4, the cable issue: The plans have been written, even the articles, for many, many years. But I have to knit the projects. It was originally planned for the USM, I’m going to do it on the LK150 now.

[img_text_aside style=”1″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”” alignment=”left”]

7. Reyna: started at Club Meetup June 17. I have a bunch of little hints & tips to keep track of where you are as well as some mini-technique videos to share.

So, hand knit count, 3; machine knit count 4. Rate your preferences by order of most interested to least. And, I also promise NOT to cast on or acquire any more projects until I have two knocked off. I really think 6 is about all I can handle. I might add some and be an instigator so you have some more projects, but me? . . . nah . . . I pinky-swear and promise. LOL.

What the heck is an ENFP?

I jumped on the bandwagon and did a free personality test at 16 Personalities. INTERESTING!! Obviously, as with any career change or life change, I’m also doing a lot of self-reflection and analyzing just what makes me tick. I’ve been helping knitters with their knitting since 1993. First in our home, then at the storefront, and now online. But I don’t want to get in over my head either and promise things I can’t do or that just are not in my nature to do (like graphic design??). And, the last thing I want to do is start a membership site and not be excited each and every time someone joins, I find a project to host as a knitalong, or come up with a class to teach. And, I want you, the knitter, to be inspired and want to check out the forums every day [yes, EVERY day!] so you can join in the community and talk about what inspires you. And, that you want to learn something new or different every time you see my blog posts cross your computer. What I have learned about myself recently can be summed up in a couple ways. Tara, my daughter, says I can be described as “one and done.” Don’t expect me to knit two of anything just because. It has to be because I’ll learn something new or try something different. And, I thrive on community and expectations — the more you comment, ask questions, and interact, the more likely I am to get things out there and done. AND, I am really enjoying the spontaneity of Periscoping. Sooooo, sitting in my home office with no personal contact either via computer or in person just will not do. If you bought something from me, please ask a question. Really, that’s what I do best, is figure out how to do things.

Back to it . . . comment away below, pretty please!!! — Lea-Ann

What do you want to see here?

Hey ClubKnit members, I need some help!

Please comment below and ask me a question about your knitting. Or tell me what you want to see addressed in the monthly lesson for subscribers.

Thanks. I don’t want to leave you hanging, but so far I haven’t had a lot of ideas about just what to help you with.

— Lea-Ann

Back and working

Hi everyone, I had to take a little hiatus from clubKnit and think about the structure, layout and purpose of my business, Knitting Today, and how clubKnit fits in. I’m debating about whether my business is too broad trying to teach hand and lk or USM knitters. Strictly hand knitters vote yes, hand only. But my roots have always been getting hand knitted things done on the machine that are possible so I can focus on the hand that is not possible.  I’m sticking with my purpose of teaching both. It’s does create a level of dimension to the website though as I’m building it so I can be sure it’s navigable by both hand and machine knitters. So, there we go.

In the past week, the website for has been relocated in order to save me money. So, for the immediate future, I need to work on setting it back up and getting information on there that is now missing. I have to find other ways to cut out overhead because I want my business to be about the education, not the revenue.

I’m also working on a sweater project I’d like to host as a KAL here in clubKnit. While I’m doing that, I’m shipping out the first mystery yarn club delivery from Zombie Yarns. And, I’m thinking of what our July project will be as well as making plans for attending TNNA which is in D.C. next month and for Launch Out in St Louis in July. Both of those events inspire me and educate me. But my dream is to make it back to Meg Swansen’s oft-timers knitting camp once again. That’s where the knitting minds really gather.

And, I’m thinking about all those UFOs in my cubes and whether I want to do then our gift them to someone else (the magic art if tidying up, anyone?). I just blogged about that at

I’m also working on being a healthy me…stretching with a tv show called sit and be fit, walking with my fitbit (trying to reach 5000 steps a day), eating regular meals, and drinking more water daily.

My days are packed!! And it’s not with knitting time. What are you building, dreaming, our knitting?

Stellanti and Balance

Stellanti, March, and Mystery Yarn Club

I’m trying to wrap up the details and pages for the new mystery yarn club 2016, and decided I needed to sit back and take a break. This project, Stellanti, is my go-to for letting the rhythm of knitting refresh my focus and is my featured Throwback Thursday post today,  plus I’ve found the Balance essential oil, helps keep me there.


Pattern is Stellanti from Nelkin Designs and can be knit with or without the beads. There are a few copies left at Knitting  Today. We will be taking the store offline within the next couple of weeks so we can move it and re-sync with actual inventory, so please shop and get anything you want now!!!


The yarn was a specialty club project we contracted with FibroFibers for this special order project way back when (2013?). Haley started this project for her last year in 4-h, but ended up knitting a moebius instead as this was pretty ambitious for a few month (week?) timeframe. She did complete it through a few border rows though until she put it away and when I was reorganizing my office space, I picked it up.

UFO Restart

Starting over, I had to count and re-count stitches, drop back and fix some yarn overs that were placed on the wrong side of the markers, and figure out generally where she had left off. It was FUN!!  I love stuff like that! I even wrote a draft blog post about the process and will probably share that with you some day.  Anyways, what you see in the featured image is border row 13 (122-155-122) and it’s only 22 deep, so the end is in sight. Did you remember I called it my rhythmic work? Yes, it is. The row is repetitive with yo, P2tog, K1, p2tog, yo, P1, k1, p1. And placing beads on top of beads. I recognize immediately if I’ve done something wrong two rows before and can fix it. My kind of knitting. Anyways, the final row count, row 22, has a final stitch count of 169-215-169, so it does take a while to get across one row, but I will finish the knitting. Notice, I said the knitting. It’s me, and to truly finish it means I would have to weave in ends and block too!!

Balance Essential Oil

I have to get moving along here though, because I have an essential oil 101 class I’m hosting at the Knitting Today store this evening and I want to serve Peppermint flavored brownies. I’m going to be diffusing an apple pie combination as well. Yum!! I started using essential oils about a year ago to help our bodies get through winter and spring ailments. It has worked, we’ve all been healthier and I can’t be more excited to share what I use and how I use it in person. If you are interested in more information, get in touch with me at my McGregor Oils email.

March ClubKnit Meetups

Mark your calendar for some spring frolic fun — Friday, March 18, 2-5 and 6-9; Saturday, March 19, 10-4 —- JOIN US in person at the Knitting Today ClubRoom, 8040 E 500 S, Wolcottville, IN 46795 — Knitting, friends, and Food (not necessarily in that order!) NOTE: there will be no April meetup so Lea-Ann can go on spring break! Fee for non-clubmembers is $5. Free if you join the club.

MYC Logo

Mystery Yarn Club 2016

And last, but not least, enrollment in the Mystery Yarn Club 2016 [MYC2016] starts today and ends March 31 or until 30 clubs are sold, whichever comes first. What is MYC2016 you ask? Its three new-to-me wonderful skeins of Yarn! I have had these three yarns on my “want” list for a couple years now and its finally time. Once you buy in, you can expect a new skein to arrive by mail once per month in May, June and July. I can tell you this, its lightweight because it’ll be summer knitting time! I’ll include a one-skein project idea with each shipment, but you can also purchase the book (ebook or soft back or both) Sock Yarn Accessories direct from the publisher with a 10% off coupon available only to MYC2016 members. Once you have that book, you may decide you want two skeins, so watch your email for the limited time frame to order extra. Subscriber-level club members will get additional discounts and freebies, so click the Join the Club button and complete that first while its still half off!!!

Visit the Mystery Yarn Club 2016 Page to join and get in on this deliciousness of yarn.


See you in the clubs!! — Lea-Ann