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Not forgotten, moving forward

Hi everyone, just want to give you all a heads up on current status . . . you are NOT forgotten.

Priority One: E-commerce update –> close storefront

In my last post I said I needed to get the e-commerce for back operational. Well, it is working, now I have to get products loaded and get ready to sell some things.  One of the reasons this had to happen was our old website was SOOOO out of date that I was issuing more refunds than sales. And, when I took down the website, it made having the storefront unnecessary. So, Saturday we had a final sale day and anything left is boxed up and waiting for Tom to list on E-bay. Now I can focus on listing the items for upcoming knitalongs and projects on the website. I had to purchase some software that will link any purchases made from the website to the clubknit website (and learn how to install and configure it — ugh!). Visit

Priority Two: Education and Inspiration

I listed four projects in the last blog post. No progress has been made on them AT all. In fact, I didn’t even have them on my calendar to work on. How sad is that. I’ll remedy that this week. My office at home now has the LK150 and all of my knitting needles and supplies in residence. I’m ready to knit, when I’m not distracted by the view!!


The inspiration and education projects i am working on are:

  1. Stormy Weather Tunic turned cardigan (for lk150)
  2. Fisher Lassie (handknit)
  3. Luxury Yarn Club (as club members you will get a discount)
  4. Get It Out of the Box class (for lk150)
  5. Cables class (replaces KT Newsletter — for LK150)
  6. A surprise freebie project of my own design (LK150 or Hand)

Priority Three: Education and Community

I decided I want to move this to priority one!! Community is so important to me. My creativity and enthusiasm is fed by everyone talking with each other, asking questions, and sharing. In order to do that, I have to do some things to make it easier and more intuitive to use the forum software area of the site. Look for that coming up.

Back to work . . . . comment below and give me input, cheer me on, take over, whatever . . . I just want to know you are here!!





What do you want to see here?

Hey ClubKnit members, I need some help!

Please comment below and ask me a question about your knitting. Or tell me what you want to see addressed in the monthly lesson for subscribers.

Thanks. I don’t want to leave you hanging, but so far I haven’t had a lot of ideas about just what to help you with.

— Lea-Ann

Richard Lee, a very special dad

Today we gathered to honor the memory of my step-father-in-law, Richard Lee. From the get go, he was definitely dad. He loved us unconditionally, he encouraged us in our faith and prayed with and for us. You knew where you stood with dad, because he made sure he told you straight up what he believed and what the Bible said. I know I will see him in Heaven some day. I can see him dancing and shouting praises. As I take a couple days to be with family, I focus on prayer and praise and thank you all so much for being alongside us. I’ll be back to working on schedule as soon as possible. — Lea-Annrichardlee


Working On The Innards

What’s happening inside the ClubKnit community pages:

As I progress through the building of this community website, i’m first concentrating on two things:

  1. free content and discussion, and
  2. Knitalong (KAL) content and discussion

I actually have three hand knitting projects that I’m knitting on the LK-150 (Stormy Weather, Marseille and Pathways). Initially the discussion and KAL area will reflect these projects.

Free content access:

The free content consists of blog posts as well as a community discussion area in the Forums. It will require you to join ClubKnit and be logged in to see and respond to forum posts. The purpose of doing this is so we can keep as much spam and riff raff out as possible.

Interested? Join here: [register_Basic (free)]

KAL Members content access:

Once you purchase a project from Knitting Today, we’ll add you to the members-only area where you can ask questions and respond to not only blog posts related to the project, but the KAL-specific discussion area in the forum. Once you log in, you’ll have a specialized dashboard that has links specifically to the areas available to you. Of course, you’ll also have access to the general free content areas of the site.

Subscribers (Future) content:

Plans include offering different blog posts such as Monday Motivation, Technique Tuesday, WWW Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and FO Friday. This is an aggressive blog posting schedule for someone (Me, Lea-Ann) who really doesn’t have a history of writing. Bear with me as I work on setting up my work schedule so I can best support you and your knitting projects.

As we develop content, we’ll add classes. For example,

  • Knitting Today News Cable Newsletter
  • Get It Out of the Box for the new and returning LK-150 owner
  • Hints, tips and tricks for the Ultimate Sweater Machine owner
  • basic sweater techniques for hand and machine knitters
  • Cast on Methods for hand and machine knitters

Your feedback is super important so I spend my time and effort on those things most beneficial to you. Please feel free to comment below or in the Free forums once you join. These classes will have a Per Class fee, but we’ll also offer an annual membership option (Subscriber) for extended access and reduced registration costs. There are other goodies we’ll be implementing for those Subscribers like coupons to use when shopping at Knitting Today, in-person events, and additional content access.

I’m really excited to be offering this community to you, my knitters and customers, and hope you’ll look forward as much as I am to joining us online for all of your technical knitting needs.