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Soon we’ll have links here to the latest posts from the Forums here.

In the meantime, hand knitters forum: http://forum.knittingtoday.com/c/HK

and machine knitters forum: http://forum.knittingtoday.com/c/MK

If you have signed up for the Beta-Subscriber level, purchased class project kits, or comment on the blog, you’ll see the other discussion boards related to your participation. 

Hand Knitting class: Fisher Lassie

Are you interested in knitting a classic cardigan? Join the KAL for Fisher Lassie by purchasing your kit. Note, we do have other colors available, just call me at 260-351-2260.  — Lea-Ann

Lk150: Stormy Weather

If you are looking for a unique tunic to knit on your LK150, check out Stormy Weather by Mary Anne Oger.  Lea-Ann modified hers into a cardigan and the videos are uploaded to the Knitting Today YouTube channel. 

Coming up: LK150 Basics class

I’m working on a brand new class to, hopefully, launch May 1.  It is free for LK150 owners who purchased their machine from Knitting Today and beta-Subscribers. If you have an LK150 purchased elsewhere, there will be a slight fee. More details later! 



Welcome Series launching

Also coming in April, as a member of ClubKnit Basic, you’ll receive an email welcome series that explains how to use the website, what to look for in upcoming months, and where to go for video links and lessons. Post in the Forums if you have questions so I can be sure they are answered! Thanks! 

                            — Lea-Ann